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Provide maximum comfort for your pet with this plush pad. Features a soft outer layer and a durable core that helps keep surface areas dry and is easy to clean.

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The engineered core is made of recycled cotton fibre and absorbs up to 4 cups of liquid per 288 square inches

  • Each pad is treated with an all-natural spray which kills bacteria on contact thus controlling odour.

  • Leak-proof, this pad boasts a non-slip backing designed to withstand tearing on rough surfaces, preventing leaks while protecting your flooring and ensuring that your pad remains firmly in place

  • Reusable, 1 pad can last as long as 200 disposable pads

  • Sewn with decorative border taping around the outer perimeter for reinforcement

This Multi-Purpose pad can be used as a...

1) Pet Food Place Mat 
2) Cat Litter Box Mat
3) Carrier Mat
4) Pee Mat

Colours: Available in Brown, Black or Grey-colour core with decorative border taping including Zebra print, Camouflage pattern or Leopard print

CLEANING:  Simply hose off with water, mist with a mild liquid soap/water solution to neutralize any odours, allow to air dry and reuse. (Dawn dish soap is highly recommended however any liquid dish soap or laundry detergent will work - mix a solution made of 3 parts water & 1 part Dawn)

Made in Canada

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